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Jan 2018 ( Volume -12 Number -1)

Publish and Prosper
Mushtaq Chalkoo, MS; FMAS
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Publish and Prosper

Mushtaq Chalkoo, MS; FMAS

At the outset, all applauds to the creative men, who collectively gifted us with words, sentences, languages and taught us the art of writing skills. Writing is an art which some are gifted with and others learn by repeated practice. It is mandatory for us as doctors to learn this skill with the view to propagate the science of medicine to the young budding doctors.

Patient care is on the top priority of a doctor and teaching the art of medicine is second to that. However, the experiences, the observations and the results of interventions and research on the patients can reach to the future community of doctors through an article, a chapter or a book. Scientific paper writing is usually the end product of research of all the scientists and its highest value is reached when their work is published and becomes a part of world fund of knowledge.

There are multiple benefits of paper writing, which not only give a sense of satisfaction but also accomplishment and achievement to a researcher. It also updates one in his own practicing science and upgrades one’s knowledge. It also adds to the pool of existing knowledge which can be referred to by the subsequent researchers. Science is a changing paradigm and thus requires constant research to modify and remodify its own findings and results. One may also become a renowned and recognised expert in his respective field of specialization and an excellent scientific publication may alter the current practice pattern.

Despite so many well known facts and advantages of scientific paper writing, there is a general observation that the surgeons are often seen to be lagging behind the physicians and the non clinical specialist of medicine in scientific paper writing. An interesting study reveals that orthopaedic surgeons though having grip strength on their subject were not giving adequate attention to scientific research and publication. The same is true with anaesthesiologist. However recently scientific publication has become mandatory for the promotion in a professional career and hence has caught the attention of most scientists, doctors and other professionals including orthopaedists and anaesthesiologists.

The modifications, innovations, patents, research and publications are necessary for all clinicians to learn and progress further in their career; so the old phrase of publish or perish should now be transformed to publish and prosper. There is a technical difficulty that needs to be looked into. A good research that will change the tomorrow in science needs funding agencies, the paucity of which has handicapped researchers from developing countries to take up the original research and publish them in high indexed journals. Unfortunately to make a voice in a high indexed journal through your publication, one has to pay huge fee in dollars as article processing charges to make his research visible to the scientists all across the world. It’s a matter of great concern especially for the researchers of developing countries to compete in the market of science. Budgeting and funding resources need to be looked into; otherwise there is no dearth of talent, material and passion of research from the developing countries like us. It is also painful to see mushrooming of journals which are nothing more than money minting periodicals and an exploitation on the part of science and research.  It is a humble appeal to the concerned regulating body to maintain decorum, ethics and truthfulness of an honest research. The predatory journals need to be immediately banned so that the true research comes to the surface which will be good for us, our patients and future researchers. A sincere thought needs to be spared in this behalf by the governing people at the helm of the affairs. This will give a breathing space to the true science to flourish for the good of humanity.


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Author Information: Dr. Mushtaq Chalkoo, MS; FMAS is Additional Professor, Laparoscopic GI and Bariatric Surgeon, Postgraduate Department of General and Minimal Access Surgery, Government Medical College, Srinagar, Kashmir, India. Mobile: 09419032292 Email:

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