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 The Real Paradigm Shift in Management of T2DM
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 Introduction of DMS irrigation to heal Endo–Perio lesions and Cysts
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 Alagille Syndrome in a Neonate
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 POTM-April 2018
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 SEGLUROMET (ertugliflozin+metformin)
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 Abstracts from Other Journals-April 2018

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Feb 2018 ( Volume -12 Number -2)

Picture of The Month
Picture of The Month February 2018
Aashob Qazi Ashraf, MD; MS; DNB (MCh); MNAMS; MESSO; FSSO(USA)
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Picture of The Month

Aashob Qazi Ashraf, MD; MS; DNB (MCh); MNAMS; MESSO; FSSO(USA)

This is the dissected neck in a 50 years old female. It is a case of submandibular gland tumor. Note and mark the various structures. What anatomical variant can you identify?


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Author Information: Dr. Aashob Qazi Ashraf, MD; MS; DNB (MCh); MNAMS; MESSO; FSSO(USA) is Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology in Noora Hospital, Srinagar, Kashmir, India. Email:


Answer to last month’s POTM January 2018

A 25 years old male presented with complaints of pain and eroded skin of the fingers of his right hand. He gives history of similar problem during winters in the last two years only. He is a computer technician working in a Cyber Café. What is your diagnosis?


The Correct Answer

The young man has frostbite of the skin around his metacarpo-phalangeal and proximal inter-phalangeal joints (IPJs). He wears partial mittens while working with his mouse on the computer at his Cyber Café. Therefore the distal IPJs remain flexed and are not exposed to cold. He had history of cold intolerance and turned out to have hypothyroidism too.   

Contributed by: Dr. Sarosh A. Khan is Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine and Director, Naseem Medical Center, Baghe-Mehtab, Srinagar, Kashmir, India. Pin: 190019. Affiliations: Governing Council Member of American College of Physicians (India Chapter) from 2014-2017. Email:

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